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The shift from startup to scale-up is real and requires a different mindset. Things that got you through the first 12-18 months might not get you through the next 24.

It's time to review what's worked and what hasn't. You might be thinking...

  • I spend all my time fundraising and appeasing investors
  • How am I going to deliver the growth I promised?
  • How can I hire fast enough?
  • How do I get my revenues and margins up?
  • I’m just firefighting all day
  • How do I maintain the culture we’ve built?

You’re probably feeling all of these and more, but to answer these, you need to ask:

  • Do we have a clear vision?
  • Are the team aligned around it?
  • Is our customer proposition clear and working?
  • Do we have product market fit?
  • Are we easy to do business with?
  • What are our targets, by team, by person, by month, quarter and year?
  • Who are our customers and partners?
  • How do we reach them - via sales teams for B2B, or Direct to Consumer?
  • How are we measuring success?

Once we establish where the bottlenecks are, we build a plan to accelerate growth in the right areas.



Business and Product

A birds-eye view of your business

  • Business and product strategy reviews. What are you doing and how are you planning to do it?
  • Service reviews - what's it like to do business with you?
  • Product development - how is your product defined and managed ongoing?
  • Team structure and alignment - is your team set up for success?


building a sustainable culture of growth

  • Proposition and messaging reviews - Who are you targeting, why and with what?

  • Channels and partnerships - how are you reaching them? Paid v Organic and viral etc

  • International expansion - where, why and how should you do it?

  • Aligning, measuring and coaching teams

Operations and Finance

Understanding and measuring the levers of success

  • Data - Leading and Lagging Indicators; what are you measuring and why?
  • Systems - what are you using and why? Can we optimise them further?
  • Commercial - baselining current performance and modelling future scenarios

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