Chemistry call

15 minutes - Free

Chat through your current situation and decide whether you want to take things further.

Discovery call

1 hour - £250

Dig deeper into your current situation as it relates to growing your business. Often people come to me with what they think is the problem, but actually it’s something else.

We’ll get to the bottom of that, by talking cover goals, strategies, teams, experience. What’s worked and what hasn’t.

You’ll leave the call with a much clearer sense of the real issues and how to start tackling them.

Discovery Workshop

2 hours - £500

Face-to-face workshop where we go even deeper into your current situation.

We’ll explore your motivations, goals, strategies and plans in place. We’ll talk proposition, product and services, audience and marketing plans.

You’ll leave this workshop fired up and with a clear sense for what needs to be done and how to execute.

Growth Workshop

One-day - £4,500

A workshop which dives into detail in the key areas in your business required to help accelerate your growth.

We’ll go into detail on proposition, your market, the audience, sales and marketing, team and resources.

You’ll get a write-up from the day to use to guide the activation of the plan

Tailored Growth Support

£2,000 per month

Sustained growth comes from the hours of effort required to implement and course-correct.

My clients see the biggest gains when we work together over the long term to cement growth into their business. It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of growth, but much tougher to stick to it when the going gets tough.

I’ll work as an Executive Coach to you and your leadership team, providing support and guidance and holding you account for the plans you’ve signed up to.

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